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MHM India Summit 2024

Gramalaya is delighted to extend a cordial invitation to participants nationwide for the prestigious Fourth MHM India Summit 2024, scheduled to take place on January 11th and 12th, 2023, in New Delhi, India. This exclusive event is poised to be a focal point, emphasizing an integrated approach that is imperative to catalyze societal awareness regarding Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management.

Building on the successes of the Inaugural MHM India Summit in 2019 in New Delhi, which drew the participation of over 180 delegates, and the subsequent Second MHM Summit in 2022 in Chennai, attended by 200 delegates, Third MHM Summit 2023 at New Delhi with 250 Delegates from across India, these forums have proven instrumental in fostering collaboration. The networking concept employed during these summits has effectively transformed MHM into a nationwide people’s movement, with numerous like-minded organizations actively participating in the campaign.

While progress is being made globally in dismantling the societal taboo surrounding menstruation, the term ‘period’ continues to carry stigma in many societies. Shockingly, in numerous countries, girls still skip school during their menstrual cycle. In India alone, an alarming 23 million girls drop out of school prematurely every year due to the onset of menstruation, leading to severe health challenges. In rural areas, women still resort to using makeshift materials like paper, dried leaves, ash, and plastic as substitutes for sanitary pads.

Despite more than half of women worldwide being of reproductive age, many still lack access to menstrual hygiene products or proper sanitation facilities. Limited availability and higher costs contribute to this global issue. Bridging the gap and providing safe menstrual products to over 336 million menstruating women in India is a huge task that necessitates the cooperation of all stakeholders and seamless coordination among them to uplift the status of menstrual hygiene in the country.

The upcoming conference will be a transformative platform. It will feature insightful keynote presentations, engaging panel discussions, and case studies highlighting the latest advancements in menstrual hygiene and management. Drawing on the best practices from both conventional and modern practices, the event will create a space for meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

Entrepreneurs and solution providers will have the to showcase their products, offering valuable insights into the importance and efficiency of integrative approaches. The program agenda is thoughtfully designed to facilitate the dissemination and implementation of cutting-edge research findings related to menstrual hygiene and management.

This conference is tailored for national and international sanitation and menstrual hygiene professionals, as well as medical experts. We extend a warm invitation to delegates from leading NGOs, Government representatives, Donor agencies, CSR Professionals Microfinance institutions, universities, hospitals, research centers, clinical research institutions, and healthcare and hygiene solution companies. We invite you to share your expertise, experiences, and showcase the latest techniques in this ever-expanding field.

As part of our commitment to recognizing excellence, the conference invites nominations for Awards, celebrating key influencers in Menstrual Hygiene & Management and best practices. Join us in this Summit as we collectively strive to reshape perceptions and practices, creating a world where menstrual hygiene is accessible to all.

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